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So, you are interested in Planthat? Here's the deal.

Since our small company does have a lot of client work to do we currently can not keep up with the development of this great tool. Therefore we have decided to take some action, so that we can guarantuee the best for our clients and members.

After deeply discussing the options we came along with the following options:

Become a partner

This option would mean that you would team up with our dev-team. You will help us developing along the roadmap that we have.

And of course we want you to actively contribute and bring in your ideas.

In return you can use this project as a reference for your portfolio. We are sorry that no real bucks are in here for you - but Planthat is a free tool and we want it to stay free.

Acquire Planthat

Frankly, that was a tough decision to go for this option. But, hey: Planthat needs to evolve and we want our members to be happy. And this is only possible in case there is enough manpower behind this project.

If you think your company has that manpower, talk to us! We will doublecheck that you can guarantuee the best for our members.

In case we are highly convinced you are the right team to take over this project, we will go for it.

Feel free to contact Toby if any of these options may be worth a quick chat for you.
toby (at) tadysiak de

Important note for our members:
Don't worry! We are doing this for you. We want Planthat to be a great and reliable tool for you. We will never shut down this service! The worst that could happen is that the development of new features will be slow and behind schedule, in case we will not find any partner.

Keep using Planthat!